Monday, February 2, 2015


My goal for 2015 was to live a more deliberate, "thinking" lifestyle in order to reach our long-term goals.  Well, that was the INTENTION beginning January 1, 2015.  Unfortunately, an overabundance of family health issues, and feeling like "donkey doo-doo" most of the month, meant that my focus was otherwise occupied.  But, NO MORE!  It is time to FOCUS on FRUGALITY, paying down debt and increasing savings!

To keep my "eye on the prize" I made my own little vision "dream house", my "dream studio" (Marcia's studio at and my "almost dream sewing machine".  I say "almost dream" because there is a newer, INCREDIBLE machine put out by BabyLock, but I question if I would spend the amount of money necessary to purchase it even if I had MILLIONS!  For now, a few steps up the sewing machine ladder will be my "dream".  

Piggy Bank - Saving Money Stock Photo 

Yesterday morning I began my day with a quick shower.  I take a shower every day, and since I was not doing any physical dirty can I be?  I took the equivalent of a Navy shower with a hand made cotton washcloth (which is wearing like iron...much better than terry washcloths) and a shower gel that cost me $.25 for the bottle.  CHEAP!  I washed my hair with free shampoo and after drying off completely, slathered my dry skin with free lotion.  I then brushed my teeth with a free toothbrush from my dentist and toothpaste I had gotten free with a doubled coupon. 

Next, I made my coffee in a reusable K-cup (I turned the Keurig off immediately after brewing to reduce phantom draw) and a free pastry (a snack given to us by a relative). 

Since the weathermen were calling for another snow storm, Dear Hubby and I made a trip to our local Shop Rite to restock the house with food and other necessities.  Although I find some of ShopRite's  prices a bit high...their sales are PHENOMENAL!  Our best buys of the day were a pound of coffee for 8 cents, a package of napkins for 8 cents, a free prescription refill for Dear Hubby and one for me!  There were tons of other items on sale, but these were the true stand-outs.  Of note, Dear Hubby and I did the shopping ourselves because of the impending weather system.  In the future, no matter the weather, we will PAY to have the order delivered to our home!  The pain we suffered after our shopping definitely warranted the cost of delivery!  Frugality is saving money to spend it where you want or need... and delivery is definitely a NEED!

When we got home I scanned our receipt into ReceiptHog.  ReceiptHog is an online app that gives points for receipts scanned.  When I reach 1000 points I will qualify for a reward.  I have to shop anyway, so why not spend the few seconds needed to scan in the receipt?  Even if it takes a while to achieve, the reward in my pocket is still FREE!


Last evening I spent a couple of hours searching for the "bunny" in the 111 shops participating in the Fab Shop Hop.  For every bunny you find, you are entered into a drawing for a gift from that addition to some other wonderful prizes.  I have been participating in the Fab Shop Hop for several months now and have won several prizes.  I am very thankful to the shop owners who participate and give away such great prizes, especially when those prizes help me to continue sewing/quilting for the least amount of money possible.  

As soon as the Superbowl was over (sob, Seattle lost, sob) I climbed into bed...exhausted...but proud of my frugal accomplishments.  More tomorrow...


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