Monday, February 2, 2015


Last week I was doodling some FMQ designs for the petals of my project. 

Today I quilted the design onto my petals.  On the first petal I drew the design with disappearing purple marker and tried to follow the lines.  It was actually MUCH easier just doing it free flow, so that is how I quilted the rest of the petals.  Unfortunately, the understated same-color thread I chose is impossible to see in a photo. 

After outlining the flower I used a loopy meandering pattern to quilt the background blocks.  I used a bright green called Lichen to do the quilting.  I may need a bit more practice with my loopy meander (I kept looping myself into a corner, lol) but I am really happy with how the project looks so far!  With this project I wasn't striving for perfection, just fun playing!

Tomorrow I hope to make the pillow backing for it.  I will hold off on sewing it together until my beading needles arrive and I determine if I want to add any more "bling".  This project has been completely "design as you go" (with the exception of the beading,,,I could SEE that in my head) and I am having a ball just "winging it".  It is making me HAPPY!  Goodness knows we could all use a bit more HAPPY in our lives!



  1. Love it. I can hardly wait to see the finished design.

    God bless.