Thursday, February 19, 2015


WOW!  This is a LOT harder than I had ever imagined!  The only pattern I have written to date is the pattern for my Collapsible Craft Container, and it contained a reasonable number of supplies and a reasonable number of steps.  Feeling cocky and confident I decided it was high time to begin work on my next pattern (grin).  Did I progress slowly and logically along my "pattern-writing journey"?  Heck, no!  When have I ever taken the slow and easy route?  This second pattern is a "doozy"!

I am up to 76 photos and I am not yet finished sewing!  I know some of them will be discarded as the step is pretty much common knowledge among sewists.  But, I also know there were at least one or two steps that I forgot to photograph completely!  Guess I will be snapping a few shots with scrap fabric, lol.  How do you ladies and gents DO this for each and every new project you envision?  I bow in deference to superiors.  And just WAIT until it comes time to put it all into clear, concise instructions...that will fit into a downloadable PDF file!  I am not "techie" at ALL and my head is spinning at the mere thought!

BUT... during the first few months of my retirement I found a need in my "sewing life" and I promptly sewed up a solution.  In the past 3+ years I have discovered necessary additions, deletions and just general reworking.  For each of those remade versions I used free "utility fabric".  There was absolutely no way I was going to waste "pretty" fabric for my trial and error.  Time passed, changes were made, and I learned.  Is this final version "perfect"?  Heck, no!  I'm sure there are lots and lots of things I still don't know, and more than a few sewists out there who could point out easier ways to put it together.  That's what "testers" are for, lol.  I can see quite a few "V8" moments heading my way, lol.   However, I'm lovin' the design, even if my technique leaves a lot to be desired.  Soooo...

Today I began the fourth incarnation of my project.  For this "final version" I searched through my stash and pulled out this pretty pack of fat quarters.  I am in LOVE with this color combination.  In all honesty, I can't remember if this bundle is a designer collection, or if I (or another quilter) put together a custom bundle that was just Oh. So. Sweet!  In any case, I'm head over heals "smitten" with these fabrics in my creation and hopefully some day soon the instructions will be written, the pattern will be tested by a willing volunteer or two, and the completed PDF will be listed in my Craftsy shop.  Of course, I will have to have a Tah-Dah moment here on my blog so you can see this pretty stack of fabrics transformed into something "practically" perfect in every way (at least I think so, LOL!) 

Wish me luck!


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