Friday, July 15, 2016


These are the scraps that were left over after I finished the crazy strip part of my charity quilt.  The bin is stuffed to oveflowing and every time I wanted a different color my "digging" in the bin resulted in fabric toppling everywhere. 

I have decided to start my organizing by cutting the smallest scraps into 1.5" squares (for a postage stamp quilt some day) and 2.5" squares (perfect for leaders and enders).  I will deal with the larger pieces of fabric once all of the tiny bits are out of the bin. 

I have chosen to store my 2.5" squares in one of the canvas boxes that line the bottom shelf of my bookcases.  I can see myself cutting more 2.5" squares than 1.5" squares as you can always cut down the larger square to "make" the smaller square, should the need arise.

I don't have many squares cut, and not being a very prolific quilter I can see this taking a while to fill.

If 2.5" squares will take a while to fill a canvas box, the 1.5" squares would take an eternity!  So I am storing them in an empty cardboard photo box. 

I have even fewer postage stamp size, but I am sure as I work through my scrap bin they will continue to grow.

Today is not a good day, physically, but being able to still "make progress" in my sewing room adds a spark to my day. 



  1. Ahh, scraps the bane of my existence. I have boxes and boxes of these and still keep adding to them. I don't do the postage sized squares so anything less than a 4x4 square or a 2" strip is tossed.

    God bless.

    1. I have seen postage stamp quilts and I am amazed by then. Whether I will ever get around to making one...we will see. Maybe just a pillow, LOL.

  2. Oh I do wish I was as organised as you

    1. Being organized is a blessing...and a curse, LOL. I get completely stressed out when things are "out of order", and at times I have no control over the "order" in my home. But, with Dear Hubby retiring in 4 years, I need to really tighten my frugal belt and stash cash quickly. So I am determined to use up every little bit of fabric I have on hand instead of buying more. Cutting my scraps to usable sizes should facilitate my "less buying" goal! Notice I said "should", LOL.