Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yesterday evening we had a really bad storm.  First it was a downpour and then we began to hear what we thought was hail.  We ran to the front door.  Yup...HAIL!  I asked J if he saw any green looking sky but he said he didn't.  His dear girlfriend and he went out to turn over the porch furniture before it was blown through the porch railing, again.  Suddenly, and I do mean SUDDENLY, the wind started coming from the complete opposite direction.  J screamed for his girlfriend to get in the house and for us to run to the basement.  He was FIGHTING to hold onto the storm door while his girlfriend took the 10 steps to reach the door...and J is a big guy with shoulders like a football player!  I looked at his face and he was PETRIFIED!  About 6-8 years ago we were struck by lightning and he was no more than 20 feet from where it struck our house.  I saw that look again! 

This is the result of the 5 minute wind...

The damage was caused by this...

My next door neighbor's shutter...from the FAR side of the front of her house! 

If you look at this picture of a car accident in front of our houses that occurred last year, my house is the gray house with the porch and the open garage.  Note, the big bushes next to my garage had to be taken out to put the siding on the house.  They probably would have stopped the damage, :o(  The shutter came off of my neighbor's bottom window all the way to the right. 

So this shutter was torn off of her house on the point furthest from my house and then circled BACK AROUND to blow in between our two houses and hit the window and downspout on the side of my garage, about 3 to 6 feet off of the ground...with enough force to cause this damage!    J was right...the wind was going in a circle when he screamed for us to get to the basement!  And I don't even think my new siding and gutters are three months old yet!!!!  I can't even cry...


  1. As Harvey and I are saying right now it doesn't rain but it pours lately.

    Tomorrow the PDAP (Provincial Disaster Assistance Program) inspector is coming, and then sometime tomorrow the masonry/cement guy is coming to see if our basement walls can be fixed.

    God bless.

    1. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass, and there are a lot of people in this world struggling with SO MUCH MORE. My problems are minuscule. But that doesn't make it any easier in the moment! Good luck with the disaster people and your basement!