Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The painters just left!  I am absolutely IN LOVE with the color.  The room is SO much brighter.  Right now the ceiling light fixture is just hanging by its wires.  Our new light fixture just arrived by FedEx about 10 minutes ago.  The current light is way too dull.  The new light will accept three 100 watt bulbs.  I should be able to see with no problem given that many watts!  I wish it would have come sooner, maybe the guys would have put it up for me.  Oh well, I'm sure R or J can handle putting it up.  This weekend hopefully R can help me wipe down the furniture and the two miniblinds.  As expected there is a bit of dust from sanding the walls.  Then I can ask J to carry the two folding tables upstairs for me and set them up so I can plan the rest of the room around them.   I guess I can ask R to help me move supplies as soon as the furniture is clean.  Happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!!! 


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    1. Thank you, Amy. I find it a very "calming" color. Exactly what I need, lol.....calm!

  2. Oh I love the colour. It really does make the room brighter.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie! I am in LOVE with gray these days. It is my new neutral!