Monday, February 25, 2013


Yup, it's the beginning of another week here at UggaBear Cottage! 

My main goal for this week is to sew up the last stitching kit (this one is for ME, lol).   I just love the multicolored yumminess...and it kinda "goes" with the other bags I have hanging in my room.

This little pink and purple bag is just the right size for carrying my Nook, MP3 and all of the associated accessories.  It is small enough to stand up either in the center console or on the floor of the car while we are driving to Myrtle Beach on me easy access to my "time killers" if I get bored with the drive. 

This is the bag I use to carry my yarn, crochet hooks, scissors, measuring tape and needle.  In a pinch I could also add my Nook and long as I wasn't taking too much yarn with me.  Unlikely...but possible, lol.   

I also hope to finish crocheting the final washcloth of a matching set.  This is the first time in my life that I have EVER followed a crochet pattern and, amazingly, it worked!!!  Yay Me!

IF I finish those projects I will begin the piecing of the queen sized quilt for my guest room.  I have gathered all of my fabrics and I am just DYING to dig into the pile and begin creating!

I am thinking of using a pattern similar to the above. 

To me it has a bit of a "lattice" look, which should pick up nicely on the lattice frame of the picture in the guest room.  I am in love with the cottage chic border and curtains.  I think my hand made quilt will feel right at home. 

Things are really moving ahead with feathering our empty nest!  Today the painter and his crew are coming to begin prepping my "expanded" sewing room.  This room will be for supply storage, quilt basting and TV watching.  I am still keeping my original sewing room. 

Dear hubby said yesterday that he is surprised I haven't asked him to break through the wall between the two rooms to make one giant sewing/quilting room.  Please, dear, don't give me any ideas!  Honestly, though, I will have more viable wall storage if we leave the two rooms separated. 

I also just realized I never included a picture of my original sewing room anywhere on my blog!  It is warm, cozy, feminine and my FAVORITE place in the whole house!  Since my expansion sewing room will also be shared by dear hubby I will make the room a bit less "girly" (hence the gray walls and streamlined "modern" Ikea furniture that we will be keeping in the room).  After all, it is OUR nest.  I am looking forward to lots of hours spent relaxing, watching TV, and talking with my best friend in our new room. 

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