Thursday, April 4, 2013


I just love freebies.  There is something about getting things for "no cost" that makes my mood soar and my heart race.  Today was a really good freebie day.  In the mail I got 2 Gevalia my morning coffee will be free two days this week.  I also got a free bottle of Excedrin Extra Strength that I will pass on to J.  He gets migraines and usually uses Excedrin Migraine, but I'm hoping that since the regular Excedrin contains acetaminophen, NSAID and caffeine it will work, if not as good as the migraine specific, maybe good enough for his milder migraines.  I also received a coupon for a free small iced coffee from McDonalds.  I had to go to my rheumatologist today and on the way home I stopped at a drive through to treat myself to a free drink.  Heavenly... 

While I was out I decided to stop in the quilting shop that I just found near our home.  While browsing the tons of beautiful fabrics I spotted a few issues of Molly Makes (a UK craft magazine).  I have gotten "sneak peaks" at the magazine on some UK blogs, and have always wanted my own copy!  The owner told me that she has them shipped in from the UK and that she had some older issues spread throughout the shop...which were all on sale really cheap.  So, while I was browsing I took a quick peak at several of the issues.  I finally decided on a "spring-y" issue at a mere $4.00....and was thrilled to find it included instructions AND supplies to make a free oilcloth coin purse.  I am SURE I could not purchase the pattern, instructions and supplies to make a small coin purse for $4...let alone receiving the magazine too!  Another SCORE!

When I got home I phoned the MRI center where I had had my three MRIs.  They had sent me a bill for $45.  I was positive I did not owe them anything (we have EXCELLENT health insurance...pricy...but well worth it), but called Aetna to verify.  No, I do not owe the $ was a computer error at Aetna.  The provider should receive the $45 they are owed directly from Aetna within the next 7-10 business days.  Sweet...I was correct and that is $45 that will stay in my pocket!

I then called my local pharmacy.  Back in March they had filled a prescription for me with the wrong dosage I took the medication wrong, which, thank God, was not problematic...but still, I wanted to let them know.  The pharmacist was extremely apologetic (by rights he should be) and insisted I be refunded the cost of the medication.  I told him that there was no harm done, people are human, and I was only calling to have the prescription removed from my file so that it would not be refilled incorrectly...but he is absolutely insistent that I get my money back.  So the next time I am in the area I will stop in and pick up a $15 refund.  Granted, had it been a different medication there could have been a problem, but they have been my pharmacy forever and I have never had a problem before.  I'm just glad it happened to me and that the mistake meant I got less medication than needed...not more.  It's funny, I thought to myself....."Hmmm THAT'S NOT HOW YOU TAKE A MEDROL DOSE PACK!" when I opened the bag, but decided my doctor must have had a reason for prescribing it that way.  My doctor told me today that if I ever think something is wrong him.  So as soon as I am back in the area of the pharmacy I will be $15 richer. 

Tomorrow morning my mom, aunt and I are going to the local 4H for a quilt show.  They are supposed to have 200 quilts on display, demonstrations, a consignment shop and a "recycle shop".  Hmmmm...I wonder exactly what they mean by that?  I can't wait to find out!


  1. OOOOh, Lin I LOVE Mollie Makes, its ultimate eye candy. I haven't bought an issue in ages, mind you cos it ain't cheap !

    You lucky thing getting a copy that cheap, especially with its kit still attached.

    A friend who buys it regularly confesses its a bit "samey" as far as content goes so keeo referring back to that one copy, and get your fix from Attic24 or similar.

    Rinty x

    1. I was SO thrilled with my Mollie Makes, but even at $4 I probably won't buy unless it includes a "kit" that I really like. They had another issue with ribbon and what looked to me to be a card to wrap ribbon on...and I liked the coin purse better and the crochet flowers instruction were wonderful "extras". I ADORE Attic 24 and can't wait to try so many of her projects!

      Mom, Aunt Honey and I went to the quilt show yesterday. Oh my was a SPECTACULAR day. We each got a small entry gift (they gave me theirs) of 2.5" squares, my aunt won a door prize (which she gave to me) of material, a book and a keychain, and I bought a whole bunch of sewing stuff dirt, DIRT cheap! I am planning on doing a post on it tomorrow. Today I am cleaning up the house with Dear Hubby. Blech...but it has to be done. I am on a 15 minute break right now (using a timer). We are both totally exhausted.