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Since it is officially the start of a new week, I try to spend Sundays accomplishing some necessary chores (clean underware IS a necessity, lol) and a bit of relaxing... crafting, reading and/or crocheting.  It is my hope that by beginning my week in a simple, slow, SANE manner the rest of the week will follow suit.  Does it work?, lol.  But that doesn't mean I can't hope for less craziness in my life, and certainly spending the day in peace and contentment can't hurt! 

I awoke at 7:00 AM, threw on my robe and headed into my sewing room.  I started my computer and then mosied downstairs to the kitchen for my breakfast and a steaming mug of rich black coffee.  YUM.  In the intervening two hours I have finished one load of laundry (I will fold it later today during another chunk of activity), have the second load of laundry washing and the third load is sorted and waiting its turn.

After checking my emails I turned on my sewing machine, opened my windows to the beautiful spring morning and started my MP3 playing Celtic Thunder, Enter the Haggis and a Tchaikovsky Nature CD.  Quite a variation in music genres, but a perfect foil to my sew-sew Sunday...Celtic Thunder and ETH to spur on my sewing mojo and Tchaikovsky to soothe me as I periodically rest in my rocker, reading.  Yes, I have a thing for alliteration this morning!

I sewed up about a half dozen 5" blocks for my guest room quilt (which, by the way, is going to take FOREVER) before moving to the computer side of the room to begin this post.  Activities in tiny bites with chunks of resting interspersed along the way usually make for more accomplishment overall.  In a few moments I will save this post to continue later and will move to my rocker to read.  I've downloaded 50 Shades of Grey from the free library.  I haven't gotten very far yet, and while I could do with a little less "explicit details", I am anxious to read forward and see how the "romance" plays out.  Why do writers assume that "explicit" is necessary to "grab" the audience? pun intended.  I'm really not a prude, but GEEZ.

After a pretty long resting period I have pulled out the sock loom that DS bought me for my birthday back in August.  I wanted to try something "different".

I watched the video a few times, looked up some other information on the website and have "cast on" and am knitting the first row of my very first sock!  It is SO simple.  I don't think I will be able to do it on a really bad "tremor" day, but I'm sure I will find some times when I am capable of the task. I think the loom will be packed in my crochet bag for the trip to Myrtle! I worked on the sock loom for a brief period before I ripped out the first few rows I had done.

I am using yarn that was given to me on Freecycle and I'm not sure it is actually the type of yarn that should be used with the loom.  I think I will buy actual SOCK yarn for my first real attempt.  What I was using is separating way too easily.

Since I was giving up on the socks I decided to sit in my rocker and do a few rows on my cotton dishcloths.  I LOVE this pattern.  It is SO easy to do and I love the effect!

See my cute little mug rug?  This was my very first attempt at free motion quilting.  I didn't attempt to follow any particular pattern, just did a rather wonky spiral on the brick side and some small loops on the floral side.  The quilting is actually pretty pathetic, but I was not about to waste material!  So I added a bit of ric-rac and some premade binding and turned it into a mug rug for next to my rocking chair.

After dinner I signed the contract for our new roof and Dear Hubby wrote out the check for one third down.  All I have to do is mail it and our job will be on the books for sometime after May 21st.  We have picked out the shingles...Granite Gray.  The contractor said he will call me a few days after he receives our paperwork to discuss colors.

Then I placed a rather large order for our prescription medications for the next three months.  I am SO thankful that we have good health insurance with prescription coverage!

I have spent the past half hour browsing on Pinterest, looking for crocheted afghan patterns that I can try while we are on vacation.  I intend to take enough yarn to make socks with my loom, crochet a pair of slippers for my Dear Hubby and assorted acrylic colors to make an afghan for the guest room.  Of course, NONE of these will get finished in our one week of vacation (well MAYBE the slippers will be completed), but at least I will have variety!  Between reading, crocheting and watching the ocean I have more than enough relaxing matter what my body decides to do while we are away! 

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