Friday, April 19, 2013


 Gift Boxes Stock Photo

Yesterday afternoon I opened my front door to find a large box perched up against the siding.  I did a quick mental inventory of the packages I was waiting for...a gift card, some crochet hooks, and a giveaway win of a pin and some fabric...nothing that should be in a box THAT big!  Pulling the box away from the wall, I read the tag. was from Amazon and was addressed to my Dear Hubby.  I searched my memory trying to remember if he had told me to be on the lookout for a, shoes?, gadgets?  Nope, nothing I could remember.  Not knowing what was inside I carefully carried the box into the house.

Later in the afternoon, when Hubby called to see how I was feeling, I told him a big box had come from Amazon.  "What did you order?"  "Oh, don't open it!  That's your Mother's Day present!"  Hmmmm....what could I have wanted that would come in a box that size?  Too heavy for clothing, and since I got a Nook my Amazon wish list contained very few hard bound books.  I put it out of my mind since Mother's Day is still a ways away.

When Dear Hubby got home from work last evening night (8:00 PM! Convince your kids they do NOT want to be corporate tax managers!) he asked if I wanted my gift now or later.  Is he kidding?  Given a choice he really thinks I'd wait????  How could I enjoy vacation the first week of May if I was wondering what was in the box the whole time?  And the 10 hour trip home on Saturday...the day before Mother's Day?  Interminable!  I couldn't get the box open fast enough, lol.


Intrigued, I opened the cute pink latches and tried to pull the handle apart.  Nothing.  Nada.  No movement.  I reclosed the latches and opened them again.  (Don't ask me WHAT I thought that was going to do, lol!)  Nope.  Didn't budge.  Then I noticed the teeny, tiny zip tie in a hole I assumed was for a tiny lock.  I grabbed the scissors and had at it.  My shaking hands made settling the teeth of the scissors on the zip tie impossible.  I honestly think it was more excitement than my usual tremor, lol.   Fortunately Hubby reached out for the scissors and easily snipped the zip.  



Something I have wanted for ages and ages and Dear Hubby has argued, on more than one occasion, that I simply didn't need.  "You don't need your own tools, we have plenty of tools already."  Uhhh...yeah...but try finding one when you need it!  Kinda like MY Dremel whose bits and pieces are spread from one end of the garage to the other, lol. 

So now, FINALLY, I have all the tools I need for anything and everything a crafty lady could want.  And the screwdriver is a cordless battery model for days when I don't have the strength to handle a normal screwdriver!  And the best part's PINK...meaning there is little to no chance my cutesy pink tools will make their way into either Dear Hubby or J's toolboxes!  

Hmmmmm....I wonder if the Dremel comes in pink.....


  1. How neat! You now have all your own tools....I bet Dremel does come in pink!

  2. With so many things now coming in pink in support of breast cancer research (which these tools were), I wouldn't be at all surprised to find a Dremel in pink too, lol.