Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Probably about a year and a half before I jumped into blogging I began to ponder a name for my blog.  I knew I wanted something involving a bear...and since I have always dreamed of living in a cute little cottage, that part was easy as well.  After I had settled on a name I considered sewing a bear to use as my heading photo.  The bear, however, was never finished and became yet another UFO in my closet. 

When I began work on it again I decided that she was much cuter sitting than standing.  But she needed some type of "prop".  I was going to go out and buy some small flowers to glue into her hands, but decided she needed to be "useful" as well as cute.  My sewing room is small and I like things to have more than one purpose.  Aha......how about having her hold a pincushion?  Better yet?  How about she hold a flower pot pincushion?

So after finishing all of her "features" I set about making a flower pot pincushion.  It wasn't all that difficult, an empty Keurig K-cup, a few scraps of material, some batting and a little rick-rack finished it all off.

Introducing my UggaBear Pincushion:

I took this picture earlier today and it is even better than the close up one I took tonight to add to the blog!  Tonight's picture was a little too blurry...I'm really shaky.  I can't help but smile every time I look at her!

Hmmmm.....on second thought...she isn't done yet!  I think she needs some cute pink eyelashes.  I wonder if mom would embroider some on for me?


  1. Cute bear. I think eyelashes would set those eyes off perfectly.

    God bless.

  2. Since quilts take such a long time to complete, I like little quick projects in between. Keeps me sane, lol.

  3. Hey ! You don't need a pincushion ( however cute she may be ) I sent you a Cath Kidston pin tin for Christmas !!!! ; )

    really enjoying the blog, Lin

    Rinty x

    1. Oh, and I am using it!!! I took out the little tiny pins...with my tremors they are a bit too tiny. But I have filled it with larger pins (easier to hold onto) and some big safety pins. I took it with me to the hospital so I could use the big safety pins to mark my rows in my crocheting (I managed to get a few rows done while we sat chatting and dad slept). Mom and Aunt Honey thought it was just adorable! I just love her stuff. Somewhere online is a sneak peak into her house. She has a room painted blue with flowers painted all around the door. Oh I would KILL for that in my sewing room.