Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The picture you see above is "Ellie"...jammed solid.  I had just begun the first stitch on my mom's quilt label with the machine made a horrible noise, an error appeared on the screen and it is all locked up.  I can't even turn the wheel!  I called the shop where I bought it and she suggested I bring it in for her to see, or I COULD try to wiggle the needle out, even if I have to break it.  As I REALLY don't want to mess up my machine, I told her I will be there on Thursday.  I have to go with my mom and dad to the oncologist tomorrow.  So I will be the next two days, minimum, without my machine...hopefully not longer.  I could give it to my mom WITHOUT the label, but it is an integral part of the theme...it NEEDS to be there.  In fact I am going to wrap it so that the first thing she sees is the label.  Other than making the label and sewing it to the quilt (with a satin stitch to mirror the satin stitch in the cupcake border), snipping threads and giving it a quick lick with the lint brush...the quilt is done.  I had figured I would finish the label today and then sew it on tomorrow morning when my hands are a lot steadier.  So much for plans...  As my aunt said, this quilt really IS a labor of love!

Strange, the material didn't look half as scrunched up in person.  The pink lines are simply there to space out the printing and will be pulled out after each word is embroidered.

Hopefully Ellie can be "unstuck" while I wait and I can bring her home to finish things up....... 


  1. This happened to me once on my embroidery machine from Baby Lock as well. I wiggled the needle loose, cleaned out the bobbin carrier and replaced the throat plate. This after phoning the store where I purchase it. They moved about 2 hours away, so not so easy to take it in for Liz to look at. It has worked well ever since. It turned out the throat plate was on too tight.

  2. My baby lock dealer is an hour away! I can't get the needle out. My aunt is going with me so we will eat lunch out too...make it a fun, happy day...if my machine is fixed, lol.

  3. Try unsrewing the needle like when you change the needle then use pliers to pull the needle out of the quilt. Hope it works