Sunday, December 1, 2013


WE'RE HOME!!!!!!!!!

A Sad Cartoon Dog With Suitcases Stock Photo
Just a quick note to let you know that we are home safe and sound.  We arrived home last evening and collapsed into bed shortly thereafter.  We drove straight through (12+ hours from the time we left SC) and were EXHAUSTED by the time we emptied the car...into the kitchen.  No further, lol, just to the kitchen.  We dumped EVERYTHING on the kitchen floor, table and be dealt with today. 

So today we have spent all day:  emptying suitcases, sorting a mountain of mail and handling the resulting piles, reading and deleting emails, ordering Christmas gifts that we had picked out while away but didn't order as we didn't want to use credit cards on a hotel internet network.   We have sorted the bags of Christmas gifts that we purchased from brick and mortar stores while away, moved a broken futon down the basement (long story for another time, lol) and went to the local deli to pick up just the bare necessities for the next few days...milk, bread, cheese, lunchmeat, etc.  DH vacuumed up all of the leaves that had fallen in the past two weeks.  It's a miracle that there are any leaves LEFT on the trees given the piles of leaves all over the lawn and driveway!  I took down my summer wreath and hung the Christmas wreath on the front door.  Dinner tonight?  Chinese...delivered, lol. 

TOMORROW I have one more suitcase of clean clothes to put away (I do laundry while we are away) and a small pile of dirty clothing to add to the hamper of clothing that didn't get washed before we left...and then I need to wash it all and put it away.  I have to get back to my mom's quilt and I have to go to the store to research K's (J's fiance) Christmas gift.  I have a good idea what I am fact I have it all picked out from researching online, I just want to see it in person.  I also have to call my doctor's office to get them started on authorizing the MRI of my brain recommended by my family doctor to take with me to the new neurologist I am seeing on January 2nd.   

I'm hoping by Tuesday I will be back to the normal organization around here and I can begin spending all day in my sewing room working on Christmas gifts.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Be back soon to show you the fabric I purchased for me (just because); and the beginning fabrics for my Aunt's quilt!  It will be her Christmas gift next year...but I am DETERMINED to start it in January to avoid another last minute crush! 

Talk to you soon..............