Wednesday, December 11, 2013


First off...I want to apologize for the lack of a photo above.  Murphy just won't quit!  But since this is the third thing to break in the past 11 days, I am hoping this is it!!!  This morning my mouse decided to give up the I am writing this on my IPAD.  Of course my camera cord is a regular USB...not the tiny one on an IPAD.  I really need to look for an adapter.  

In an effort to keep my mind off of the Murphyisms, I have been contemplating my goals for 2014.  

My first goal is to lose weight and begin gentle exercise.  I am hoping my rheumatologist will lower my steroids more at my next visit.  Yes, it has been MIRACULOUS to have reduced pain all of these months, but the weight gain is making me uncomfortable and my blood sugar is much harder to control.  So I will talk with him about getting me off of this steroid induced "honeymoon".  I know my pain will ramp back up but if I can hold out six months or more before I can no longer stand the pain, it would do my body good to have a break from the steroids.

Secondly, I want to begin doing a small food shop every Saturday with just enough food for the week.  Since dear hubby and I run errands together on Saturday he will be able to do the schlepping of heavy bags that I can't handle.  Buying smaller amounts of food will allow us to buy a smaller freezer to replace our freezer that died a month saved.

Thirdly, I want to start cooking dinner at home 5 nights a week and packing lunches for dear hubby 5 days a week.  Our usual Saturday breakfast date and a nice dinner on Saturday night, and a sandwich/pizza on Sunday night should be a feasible part of our budget.  

Fourth goal, I want to look into hiring the cleaning crew again once or twice a month to keep up with the jobs that neither dear hubby or I can physically handle.  We will work together to keep up with dusting, sweeping, toilets and sinks on a weekly basis.

Fifth goal, we need to get back to seriously purging the house...hopefully selling what we can and padding out our savings acct.

Finally, I want to continue to sew and craft as much as my body will allow.  It is my sanity!

So, have you begun planning your 2014 goals?  


  1. Poor thing ... you are having a time of it. (what is it about mice? My wireless one died this week, too.)

    So what happened with your machine?

  2. Somehow, though I don't quite know how I did it, my bobbin case was crooked. He had to replace the bobbin case but didn't charge me for the case or the labor. I argued with him, lol, but he said..."Look, this is MY store, lol". I said "Okay, Mr. Hayes...thank you very much!" He is the sweetest man. And his three daughters are just as sweet. It is well worth the 1 hour drive to get to their store.

  3. Yikes! Well, bless his heart for fixing it for free!

  4. He is a true "old school" gentleman. He won't hear of a woman carrying her own machine into the store if he is nearby, always holds the door for you, etc. It's a shame so few of the upcoming generation of adults still practice these niceties. Kudos to those who do, and kudos to their parents for instilling such values.