Thursday, December 5, 2013


This is what I had HOPED to be concentrating on this morning!  J and K are coming over around 11:00 to bake Christmas cookies!  It has been at least 10 years since I have made the traditional homemade Christmas cookies that I grew up with.  Way too long!  The past few years I have just been too sick to consider any baking at all.  This year, after my dear son saying how much he missed the traditions from his childhood (Christmas cookie baking being the most important, lol) I asked if he and K would like to come over to bake cookies.  This holiday season I am still on steroids, so my pain is a bit better and I think, with a little help from my dear son and his fiance', at least SOME of the homemade cookies may find their way onto plates this Christmas day.  Notice I said I had HOPED to be concentrating on my Kitchenaid?

THIS is actually what I have been concentrating on since about 4:30 yesterday afternoon!  One blocked kitchen sink!  Definitely NOT on my wish list for this Christmas!  Now, tell me, HOW do you bake Christmas cookies without a kitchen sink or dishwasher?  Laundry tub?  Nope.  It is situated on the other side of the kitchen wall and is also blocked...and leaking (err, gushing) water out of the trap!  I tried hot water, baking soda and vinegar and plunging and the dang water never budged.  Then dear hubby came home and plunged, snaked and applied half a bottle of Drano.  Still it sits...

So this morning I bit the bullet and called a plumber.  He will be here any minute and hopefully I will have a fully functioning kitchen by 11:00.  And hopefully he will be done quickly as I STILL have to go to the store and buy the ingredients!  Time sure is getting away from me!

But, the holidays are here and I'm listening to Christmas carols on my computer and working furiously on finishing up Christmas gifts...I am NOT going to let a little bit of standing water get me upset.  No sir.  In this house there will be peace, joy and hopefully a few cookie crumbs to celebrate the season!

Have a great day!

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