Monday, February 3, 2014


Anyone who knows our family knows that we have a LOT of Ikea furniture in our home...mostly in our basement.  Since the queen sized bed in the guest room (that I was intending to paint) is breaking (it was a cheap Walmart bed), we have decided to purchase a bed from Ikea.  We know their products wear like iron.  So, yesterday we went to Ikea for some bed window shopping and to pick up a few miscellaneous things we needed...such as two 5x7 picture frames to replace the ones in Dear Hubby's office that were destroyed by the water, three 8 x 10 picture frames needed for a bit of decorating in our guest bathroom, a toilet brush for the guest bathroom, and some folding wall hooks that J needed for work.  As usual, we got all of that...and then some, lol.

I won't bother showing you Dear Hubby's photo frames since they aren't part of my 2014 organizing and decorating goal.  The above frames, however, were critical to my decorating.

These Nyttja frames were cheap ($1.99each) and more importantly LIGHT, so I knew I would have no problem hanging them with 3M Command products.

Back when we were having the guest bathroom painted, I had gone online to search for modern "artwork" that I could hang on the totally bare wall as you enter the room.  I did a google search for "free bathroom printables" and one of the first sites to pop up was an image site.  I clicked on it and was totally smitten when I saw the subway art above.  I clicked back to the original poster and found  I printed out the artwork in variations of gray scale and it was a perfect match for my newly painted bath.

Here they are hanging in the bathroom.

Oh...and I said we picked up more than we intended...

I spotted this rug and just HAD to have it for my Expanded Sewing Room floor!  Even three other women standing next to us started to tell me to "Buy it!" when I stopped to look at the rug.  Thankfully, Dear Hubby loves his wife very much and was happy to heft the rug into the cart, lol.  I had this room painted gray (the same paint I later used in the guest bath) because I wanted a neutral base for decorating.  I wanted the room to "pop" with color.

First I added my Sunshine and Bowties quilt as a wall hanging, then two red pillows.

These little pops of color really bring out the "fun" in the room!

Yup, the room is really coming together now.  Oh, and please excuse the piles of junk you see next to the futon.  We HAVE been trying to make some headway on purging through the boxed "stuff", but decorating is just SO much more FUN!


  1. I love that rug!! How big is it? We're making an IKEA visit in a couple of weeks .. would love to find that in a smaller hall size.

    And I gotta go check out those prints. You come up with such great ideas!

    1. The rug is 6'5" x 4'4". It is $39.99. It is called a Tastrup. I don't see it in any other size. I just adore it. In fact, the past few days I have been working on another pillow for the futon. All the same bright colors with black.

      The sayings on the prints are just adorable. Someone could be in the bathroom a while just reading the prints, lol.