Wednesday, February 26, 2014


One done, one more to go...

I finished sewing the second valance, and I can steal the hardware from the design wall in my sewing room...but I don't have another rod.  THIS is why I hate to garage sale stuff.  I got rid of at least four or five rods during our last garage sale, two of which were the size I need now.  Humph......guess I will try to get to Walmart tomorrow to buy another.  By the way, I don't know why all of the right window and half of the left window is showing up "brownish".  Maybe the level of the sun?  They are both actually white, as you can see near the black chair (and yes, that is dust on the chair, lol).  It will be moved down the basement now that the water restoration is all done and I'll dust it off then.  We have had so much "work" done in the house between painting the guest room, painting the guest bath and repainting portions of the basement that dust from the sanding is EVERYWHERE!  But it is a sign of progress around here, so I guess I will just swish the duster and be thankful that we are getting things done, lol. 


  1. The room is moving along nicely. Things are looking so great.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie! My ToDo list for this room is getting smaller and smaller! I just have to hang the second curtain, make 6 more button holders, sort through my Micky Mouse jar of buttons and find a pole lamp I like. Oh, and I may make a plain pillow out of the curtain material to sit on the gray chair. Then DONE. I have enjoyed this process SO much and it really has been done on a budget! Always a good thing, lol.