Monday, February 10, 2014


I have a new WIP (work in progress) on my sewing room table...a cute little pillow inspired by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.  I am having SO much fun decorating my ESR (Expanded Sewing Room) and the bright pops of color are just what the doctor ordered for these cold, winter days!

I used a mini charm pack of "Potluck" by American Jane for Moda.  While I loved the white sashes on Amanda Jean's is much more in keeping with the decor of my ESR.  I couldn't find any black yardage, or even fat quarters, so I simply pieced some Kona Black charms that I had in my stash.  Once this is quilted I doubt the seams will be very visible.  It took me all last week to get this pillow top finished.  Physically it was NOT a good week. 

This morning I searched through my yardage to find a suitable backing for the pillow.  I came across this fabric that my Dear Aunt won at the local quilt show we attended last year.  I love the bright, funky-ness of the pattern, but is the white too much for the black on the other side?  There is white in the mini charms and also white in the carpet.  Is the "scale" too different?  I really need your opinion! I am usually VERY decisive...but this one is throwing me for a loop.

We had unexpected company over the weekend as my Mom, Dad and Dear Aunt ran out of propane to heat their house on Saturday.  Snow on the ground, in the forecast and cold, cold, COLD and the propane company failed to keep their tank full!  I was FURIOUS!  Not that they were staying at our house (that was never a question and it was actually fun), but that the company whose job it is contractually to keep their propane tank filled fell down on the a house with three elderly people, two of whom are in their 80s and have very serious health problems. Even more inexcusable, the emergency switchboard called at least 6 different delivery people on Saturday evening and not ONE of them answered the phone or called my folks back.  So Sunday morning "I" called the company (Huh?  Headquarters is on the west coast?) and raised holy hell.  I have learned over the years exactly which buttons to push to have things accomplished...and where my family is concerned I was pushing ALL of the buttons! While I am thankful that we live close enough for my family to come stay at our home, gathering up all of their medications, blood pressure cuff, blood sugar machine, clothing, etc., etc. was really too much for my folks  and aunt to handle with such short notice.  They were all pretty stressed!

So I am hoping this week will be a little calmer.  We are due for another snow on Thursday (the day Dear Hubby, J, K and I are going to the car show in Philly), but we are hoping to be headed back home before the roads get too bad.  Where are you, Spring?

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