Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I think it was back in 2012 when I made a cover for my design sketch book.  I thought it would meet my needs, but alas...until you get to actually "using" something, sometimes what you "think" you need and what you "really" need are two different things.

So I scrounged through some old stationery supplies and found a large ring binder.  I like the idea of a ring binder because I can print out pictures of each quilt I have made, place it into a page protector and have it nearby for reference.  Plus, my sketch book is pre-punched to fit into a traditional three ring binder.  Perfect, right?  So far so good.  But now I needed a way to store my mechanical pencil for sketching and my colored pencils for coloring in my designs.  I knew I could go to the dollar store and purchase a "binder" pencil case for a buck, but the weather has not been great to go out (snow, snow, and more snow) and I really didn't want to spend any money...even if it was only $1.06.  Solution?  Make it myself!  A quick search online revealed the perfect pencil case!


I am in LOVE with the pattern, and I knew EXACTLY the fabric I wanted to use.  A while back I won a giveaway from Jessica of "Life Under Quilts".  It included a gorgeous, bold floral pattern (perfect for the outside) and a matching swirly pattern for the lining.  I had been saving these fabrics for something "just for me" and the pencil case was the perfect project.  A quick look through my fat quarter baskets produced a purple floral that blended nicely.  I could see it so perfectly in my mind's eye.  I even had two creamy white 9" zippers to match.  I was all set!

I worked on my pencil case off and on yesterday and today.  Maybe it was because I have REALLY  been hurting and couldn't concentrate, or because zippers ALWAYS give me trouble, but the pencil case didn't come out as well as I would have liked.  Sigh...  It is still plenty serviceable and I still ADORE the pattern...and will definitely try it again on a day when I am a little more focused.  You can never have too many zippered pouches!  But for now it is a great way to meet my current need and I didn't spend any money!  "Making Do" can be so much fun and SO PRETTY!   

Thank you, Lindsay, for the wonderful pattern; and thank you, Jessica, for the beautiful fabric to make my "pretty pencil case"! 

See how great it works in my binder!  Oh, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  If only my technique would catch up to the vision in my head.  I added an extra line of stitching around the edge as somehow I was too close to the edge on my side seams and they weren't holding well.  Grrrrrrr.  But, practice, practice, practice...and maybe some day my sewing skills will improve.  At least I will have tons of fun while I practice, lol. 


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    1. I think the next time I may leave off the fusible fleece and use interfacing instead. I am really NUTS about this pattern and can't wait to try it again.