Sunday, April 27, 2014


My sewing room and I have been "strangers" for most of the past week.  Dear Dad has had some totally unexpected health issues that have REALLY thrown him for a loop.  Add these to his existing health problems and the poor guy has really been suffering!  The night before last he even spent a large chunk of time in the ER!!  I stayed over their house that night and was happy to see that he was a bit more "himself" come morning.  We are all hoping and praying for a quick resolution. 

In addition to Dad's medical issues, Dear Hubby and I have had several doctor visits over this past week!!  I feel like I have been with medical professionals all morning, noon and night! 

Realizing that there was absolutely no chance of me having a large chunk of time in my sewing room, I began grabbing 15 minutes "here and there".  I DID NOT attempt to work on my aunt's quilt during this time, as I want to put my full concentration on every aspect of creating her quilt.  I can not take the chance of having a "measure once, cut twice" mistake on her quilt!

So, I began working on the next "mini" quilt for my foyer.  I am delving more deeply into applique with this mini.  I have been learning (I LOVE videos) and experimenting with the "starch" method of creating turned edges.  So far...I adore it!  I think when it comes time to stitch the applique on my aunt's quilt I will feel much more relaxed and confident thanks to the work on this mini. is a tiny "sneak peek"...

This mini is completely my own design and is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite so far.  I wonder why I have such a hard time turning to existing patterns when I begin a new project.  I guess I have too many "creative ideas" floating around in my head that just NEED to get out, lol. 

I hope to be finishing up my little decoration over the course of the next week or two (depending on EVERYONE'S health).  Stay tuned for the reveal!



  1. I wondered where you have been. Hope your Dad is feeling better very soon.

    Love the colours in your mini quilt, hope to get more than a sneak peak very soon.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie. The past six months have been really tough for him...second lung surgery for cancer, shingles, and now kidney stones and both diabetes and blood pressure out of control. His BP was in my "mother's range" in the Emergency Room...which is just below stroke level! We were all quite worried, but thankfully they got his blood pressure and sugar down to "bearable" levels and now the doctors just have to revamp his medications to deal with this new development and hope they don't have to "intercede" with regard to the stones.

  2. Oh dear you have had a tough time - hope everyones health gets back to a more even keel - looking forward to seeing the big reveal of the mini quilt.

    1. Thank you, Lorna! The big reveal was today! I had insomnia last night, lol.