Thursday, March 12, 2015


...I've lost it and I have NO idea where it has gone!  The past week or two with my mom being sick and then in the hospital has been very taxing...physically and emotionally.  I spent most of yesterday in bed, sleeping.  I even cancelled a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon because I was just too tired to drive the 45 min. to his office.  Ironically it was my sleep disorder physician I was supposed to see!

This morning I woke up feeling somewhat better.  While showering I made a mental list of all of the "fun things" I wanted to accomplish in my sewing room today.  I ate my breakfast, made myself a cup of coffee and sat down at my desk to read my emails and then begin the fun.  And here I sit.  No fun, no accomplishments...nothing.  I have gone so far as to pull out the things I had planned on sewing...only to put the fabrics back when the urge to create died.  Hmmm...this is not like me at all.  Usually it is my BODY that gives out and prevents me from creating, not my MOJO failing me!

So, I pulled out a small gift bag of card stock advertisements and magazine inserts that I have been collecting for a while.  This type of paper makes WONDERFUL 1" hexies.  I've been layering several advertisements on top of my die and then feeding the sandwich through my Sizzix.  At least I am catching up on some "restocking" of my EPP supplies.  Let's hope tomorrow my MOJO returns and my body is willing to play along.  Sigh... 

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