Tuesday, March 24, 2015


...for my Travel EPP/Sewing Kit pattern. 

Whew!  I believe my pattern is finally finished and saved in a format that I can use to list it for sale on Craftsy.  However, since this is my first BIG pattern, I wouldn't DREAM of putting it up for sale until someone with a little bit more experience than I has a chance to test it out!  I currently have one tester lined up and am looking for one more. 

If you are interested in testing this pattern, please email me through my profile with your name and email address.  I will pick one name out of a hat and that winner will be emailed the PDF file.  Please note, I WILL NOT be able to sell this pattern outside of the US due to the EU VAT issue.  So, if you are outside of the US and want to make my kit, this may be your only chance to get your hands on the pattern...for now.    

Thanks in advance!  Oh, and I would ask whoever wins to make the kit following the pattern and give me an HONEST evaluation and make any suggestions you think would improve its usefulness to those who purchase the pattern.  Also, I will need your feedback by April 15th as I would like to get this listed in my shop in plenty of time for those who want to give this kit as a Mother's Day present here in the US. 


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