Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Probably a year ago now I purchased a panel called Therapy In Session.  I fell in love with this panel... mostly because quilting IS what keeps me sane; and secondly because I wanted the opportunity to try "coloring" a black and white panel before turning it into a quilted wall hanging.  For Christmas, my Dear Aunt bought me a set of Prismacolor Pencils.  I have been "dying" to begin work on what I hope will be a bright, HAPPY reminder that quilting IS my therapy AND my relaxation!  No fretting over perfect points allowed!   

Today the stars aligned perfectly and I have a small chunk of free time and barely any tremor.  Wowsers, my hands are STEADY!  Yesterday, however, was a completely different story and even my normally flowing signature was stunted and jerky.  Pffft...annoying!   But...I digress. 

Seizing the opportunity I pulled out the panel and pencils,   It's the PERFECT time to attempt a little coloring within the lines.  These pencils (unlike others I have had in the past) are wonderfully smooth flowing over the fabric and the colors luscious without having to press hard.   Following a tutorial by Jenny of Elefantz, I attempted to color in a "circular motion" to tint all sides of the threads. 

With a little "touch up" here and there my coverage is fairly uniform.  I understand from Jenny's tutorial that the colors will become richer once they are heat set.  I can't wait to see the final product!  But, wait I will.  This is a "long term" project saved for the occasional days of "perfect celestial alignment" when I can stay inside the lines.  I think I'll color a few more areas before I head downstairs to figure out something for dinner tonight.  Sigh...  Who knew a childhood pastime could still be so much fun?!!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy!!

    God bless.

    1. I haven't colored since J was small! Forgot how much I enjoyed it!