Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Ugh.  The past two days have NOT been good from a physical standpoint.  Yesterday the tremor was  so bad I did absolutely nothing the whole day except crochet half a row on my quest room blanket.  Doing that only made the tremor worse, so I gave up and plopped myself down in front of the TV.  I didn't even dare to do dishes as I was sure to drop something and then have a horrible, dangerous (to me) mess to clean up on my kitchen floor!

Today I started out the day NOT shaking, so I decided to try to make a little progress on my guest room quilt. 

I managed to sew together 5 blocks this morning (11 done total) before my tremors got to the point where I really can't continue sewing on the machine...or doing anything for that matter!  I think I will head downstairs to the family room and see if I can find anything worth watching on TV.  Maybe I will be able to do a bit of crocheting on the blanket again.  Maybe.  I really need to get some more audiobooks from the library for days like this where my hands are super problematic!

On a brighter note, yesterday the postman brought me the set of fat quarters I ordered from Angela at Cut To Pieces.  They are just so HAPPY!  Now I need to cut the bottom off of another old t-shirt to use to tie the bundle together and I will put it away in my ESR storage cabinet until I find just the perfect project! On second thought, lol, scissor use right now may not be in my best interest!  Oh well, there is always tomorrow! 


  1. Christian Audio has a free audiobook download every month. Thats where I get mine. =)

    The guest room quilt is going to be darling. I have that same fabric in my stash!

  2. Thank You, Amy! I will look into the audio book. I'm getting excited now that I have started constructing the blocks. Can't wait until I start sewing blocks together!

  3. I love the colour combinations on those blocks.

    God bless.