Thursday, June 20, 2013


This is the first batch of completed blocks for my guest room quilt.  Amazingly, I have already worked my way through all but one charm pack of Calico Candies and I still have a LONG way to go!  Thank goodness I bought a couple of yards of fabric and fat quarters that are in the same colors and hopefully will "go" with this line.  

I know I could add sashings to stretch things out a bit...but I have done sashings in quite a few quilts and I would really prefer the "running together" look.  I'm trying to pick up on the lattice frame of the picture that already hangs in the quest room.  If I can't make enough blocks that really look "good" together, I may just have to reconsider sashing.  I have a sheet that almost matches the blue and white pattern in the border, or a set of yellow sheets, or I could use a light gray fabric as we will be eventually recarpeting the room in gray.  I guess I won't know until I start cutting the yardage and interspersing the resulting blocks on the wall with the Calico Candies. 

Today I also had a "Duh" moment...  I'll blame it on the medications, lol.  The bed we moved into the guest room was J's old platform bed.  The queen size works well in the room and eventually (once we clean out all of the crap) we will move it to the other wall instead of where it sits now, shoved into the corner seen above (Nope, no picture, I live in denial).  It is a black frame that matched his former furniture.  Well I HATE the modern black in the cottage-y guest room.  I was considering painting the platform...but knew it was a job that was way more than I can handle.  Then today I spotted a bed online that looks as if it was a platform bed...with a dust ruffle between the platform and the mattress (no box spring with a  platform bed) covering the platform.  Well, DUH....  I'm half tempted to do the V8 head smack!  A quick, easy and fairly inexpensive remedy and I never thought of it....  What can I say, it's the medications.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Oh, and just for the record, I HATE my design wall.  It seemed like such a GREAT idea when I read about it online...a flannel curtain hung in front of the closet...there when I need it and pushed to the side when I don't.  However, the natural pleating of the material makes it difficult to get blocks to stick....especially when I have the ceiling fan going!  And, No, I have no intention of EVER giving up my ceiling fan.  Remember my age?? flashes are the devil!  Some day I WILL have a bigger sewing room with a solid design wall.  Some day...


  1. I love your flimsy!! And don't worry - you are not alone - I have alot of those Duh moments. And its funny but each year they get worse - lol
    I like your hexies too. And I am a new follower!:)jan@

    1. Thank you, Jan! You have those moments, too? I'm trying to convince myself that it is because my mind is filled with MUCH more important stuff, lol.

      Thanks for following along!

  2. The quilt is going to look beautiful. The colours are so cheerful.

    Love your pin cushion as well.

    God bless.