Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This morning, as usual, I stopped by to read the wonderfully crafty, hooky, idyllic blog of Lucy at Attic24.  What struck me most today was the joy she obviously felt in the tiny bits and pieces of life that she so beautifully documented on her blog.  She truly was taking time to stop and smell the roses!  Her post highlighted for me the stark difference between savoring life and simply rushing through it!  Even though I have to take things VERY slowly some days because my body simply won't cooperate, I can honestly say that my mind is still in go-Go-GO! mode.  I'm still ruminating over the thousands of things I need or want to do...and getting more and more frustrated by my inability to do it right then and there.  My ToDo list is longer than my right arm; and when I CAN accomplish something I'm rushing through it to get on to the next thing on the list.  SUCH A WASTE!!!

God gave me 52+ (so far, hopefully more) years on this beautiful earth and I have spent SO much of my life just whizzing through it without taking the time to really and truthfully APPRECIATE each little nuance of life and love that surrounds me.  SHAME ON ME!!!

I am vowing right here and now to SLOW DOWN AND SMELL THE ROSES AND BE TRULY THANKFUL FOR THE INCREDIBLE LIFE I HAVE BEEN GIVEN!!!!!!!!  I'm my own worst enemy manufacturing my own ridiculous and miniscule list of things to worry and fret about.  No need!  I learned years ago during a life threatening health crisis to just "let go, let GOD"...and I have done pretty well in turning that aspect of my life and worries over to HIM.  But God is there for each and every aspect of my life and in Him I should have NO worries. 

So...Thank You, Lord God, for having my back.

It's time to SAVOR my life...


  1. Good for you. I believe everything we experience in life happens for a reason and hopefully someday we'll understand what it is. I live my life by 'I'll take care of the little things and turn the big things over to God'... it works for me and I thank God everyday for many blessings.

    1. Like you, I turned over the "big" health things years ago during a crisis and it is amazing the peace I find, even while still battling health issues. My mother always says she can't imagine how I can be so calm in the face of it all. I can be calm because no matter what there is a constant in my life that will never waver...God. Now I just have to work on the appreciation part!