Sunday, June 9, 2013


I'm starting my Sew Sew Sunday a little in Saturday at 8:45 PM, lol.  I won't be finishing the post today, so by the time it hits my blog....the title will fit!

After our usual Saturday morning "breakfast date", Dear Hubby and I took a quick run by my favorite thrift store.  I am planning a "weekly" browse through the store in search of yarn.  I am trying to match the skeins I have used thus far in my guest room blanket.  Since I am determined to supply ALL of the needed yarn at thrift store prices, I know that an exact match isn't very likely. 

But, I lucked out today and found a skein of yellow that is fairly close (it is brighter in real life...the flash seems to have washed it out) and a purple that is pretty darn close, too (also washed out). 

I feel certain that with the intervening stripes between like colors, the tones will seem an even better match.  This is, after all, a utilitarian blanket to be used for warmth! Yes, I want it to go with the existing room decor and "look pretty", but my taste is running more toward "ecclectic" than "matchy-matchy" these days, anyway.  Lucky for me!

I was also searching for a light for the dark corner of our family room.  We have had our current reclining sofa and loveseat combo for seven years now.  Over this time Dear Hubby, J and I have staked out our favorite spots.  One recliner, the left half of the loveseat when facing it, has been typically neglected.  Last weekend I happened to plop myself down in that recliner because Dear Hubby was sitting in MY favorite spot watching TV (amazing the habits we form, lol).  I placed my ice water and bowl of popcorn on the pull down "bar" unit that stands right next to the loveseat, and began to work on my crocheting. 

My duffel bag full of yarn sat conveniently next to me on the other half of the loveseat.  Eureka!  I discovered that the least used seat in the house was the perfect spot for me to simultaneously watch TV with the hubs and work on my blanket!  Everything just felt "right", like an evening scene from Little House...and I imagine I will have even more of a "warm and fuzzy" feeling come winter when we are once again using the fireplace!  There was only one deterrent to claiming the loveseat as my own...there is absolutely NO light in that corner of the family room! 

So, I started my thrift store treasure hunt in the furnishing department where I found the perfect solution to the darkness...a small silver "clip on" lamp, in perfect condition, with a clip that opened wide enough to fit onto one of the wall unit shelves.  At $8 I considered it a steal!  We stopped at Lowes and picked up a 60 watt bulb and my Dear Hubby clipped the lamp to the shelf and, while I sat with my hands at "crocheting height", adjusted the angle of the light to fall right on my handiwork.  He is SUCH a sweetie! Think I'll keep him for the next 100 years or so! 

I'm getting tired so I am off to hit the hay.....


GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!  It is a GORGEOUS sunny day here in southeastern Pennsylvania!  The sun is shining brightly, giving me lots and LOTS of incentive.  I woke up at 7:00, took my meds and then headed into the bathroom with a brand new cleaning chemical in hand.  Our shower doors are the PITS.  I absolutely HATE them, but we don't have the money to redo the bathroom yet, and I don't want to replace the doors only to have to redo them again in a couple of years when we refurbish the whole bathroom. 

I was listening to Glenn Haege (The Master Handyman) on the radio and someone called to ask what to use on shower doors.  He recommended "The Works". 

Unfortunately it can't be used on tile, but since my big bug-a-boo is the shower doors, I don't mind.  I have NEVER in all of my married life seen such incredible results.  "The Works" does EXACTLY what it says it will do!  When was the last time an advertisement actually came through on its claims? This COULD be a once in the lifetime event!!!!!!  Next weekend I will hopefully find chemicals to tackle the toilet and floor. 

After washing the shower doors I started the laundry and headed into my sewing room to check my emails and do some more crocheting on Dear Hubby's slippers.  To say I am frustrated is an understatement!  I finished one slipper in Myrtle Beach, intending to finish the second one once we got home.  However, I can't find the instructions ANYWHERE!  I am assuming they are lost...along with the receipt from my mom's Mother's Day present, which was purchased while we were on vacation!  I guess my final "walkthrough" of the condo before I went to the desk to check out wasn't as thorough as I thought! 

 I have been attempting to "copy" the increases and decreases I used to get a good fit on the completed slipper.  Considering I have just begun crocheting again after a hiatus of some 25+ years...I'm not GOOD enough to fake it without instructions!  Obviously, my photographic endeavors could use some more work too.  The slippers look like a big, black ugly BLOB.  Wait...they look that way in real life too!  Hopefully you can't see my one thousand mistakes!  Dear Hubby tried them on last night and said the heel on the second slipper was too loose and didn't come up high enough.  I will add another row or two with some decreasing and hope it does the job.  If not, I may just unravel both sippers and search for another pattern!  A simple pair of slippers should NOT cause such consternation!

After I am finished the laundry I will take a quick shower and head to the grocery store.  Yes, you read that right...I'm heading to the grocery store, ALONE!  I am only going for a few absolute necessities, some needed for our dinner tonight.  Dear Hubby and I had intended to do the shopping yesterday (he bends and reaches and loads and unloads), but after a few errands we both hurt too badly to walk the grocery store.  We have been trying to use up what is in the house and have not really grocery shopped in weeks and weeks...over a month or two I am sure.  Now I am COMPLETELY out of the basics... milk, bread, eggs, cheese, margarine, cereal, yogurt, etc.  OUT, as in not even one in the house!  I am planning on hamburgers cooked on my Cuisinart (the BBQ grill has not been put outside yet) for dinner, corn on the cob and potato salad.   Not easy to make the meal without rolls, cheese, margarine or butter for the corn and potato salad!  And the bananas, strawberries and blueberries I picked up at the farmers market yesterday can't be made into smoothies without milk and yogurt!  So shopping today is a necessity.  Dear Hubby is working IN the office I am stuck going alone.  J is working today so maybe he can arrange for a cart boy to help me get the stuff into my car.  Oh to be healthy again!!!!!!!!  By the time I have done the shower doors, 3 loads of laundry and shopped for the essentials I will probably be in too much pain to cook! 

I was really hoping to get more sewing done on my guest room quilt, but sometimes wants have to be superseded by needs.  Maybe later tonight I can make some headway...


  1. Good morning

    I see that you are moving right along on the afghan you are crocheting. Good finds on that yarn!!!

    Take care of yourself girl. Don't do too much that you tire yourself out.

    God bless.

  2. Lol, you know me WELL, Jackie! But, did you ever have one of those days where the sun was shining and everything felt right in your world? I am DYING to get outside and power wash my front porch, put out the cushions on the rockers, plant up my six hanging baskets and maybe one or two smaller pots to put on the I did for the first few years after we got the porch...before I got sick. Now that the cold weather is really gone so many people have "prettified" their porches and decks. I want to take my glass of wine and rock to my heart's content, with or without my laptop or crocheting or books! Unfortunately I don't have the get up and go to accomplish all that, but maybe a tiny bite every day?

  3. What a pretty view you have from your front porch, Lin!

    1. Thank you, Patty! Yes, we really love it...although it doesn't get used enough! I was really hoping for some nice weather so Dear Hubby could power wash the porch and the furniture and bring out the cushions. No such luck. It is POURING here! I want to really USE the porch now that I am home. I feel like I have been in limbo since I retired and I am now anxious to start living in my home. Bet you can tell my pain level has gone from an 8-9/10 to a 5-6/10. Miraculous! But I am starting to get the steroid side effects, so I don't know how long it will be before my doctors insist on a holiday from the drug. I am not looking forward to the pain that will return as they start to wean me off of the steroids...