Sunday, January 12, 2014


As part of my "goals" for 2014, I am determined that once again I will begin to decorate for ALL of the holidays!  So, for Christmas I requested, and my Dear Aunt bought, a mini quilt hanger to decorate my foyer.  I know it is not realistic to think I will go "all out" decorating, but I figure I should be able to complete at least one 12" mini quilt for each month of the year.   Maybe not all "in time" for the appropriate holiday, but eventually.

A week or two ago I got an email from JoAnn's Fabric.  In it were some Valentine's Day fabrics on deep discount.  So I ordered a yard of each.  Last week I received my package and was shocked to see that JoAnn's had increased the yardage on two of my fabrics because there was less than a yard left on the bolt after my order.  They threw in the remainder...FREE!  Thank you, JoAnn's!!!

Twenty-eight and a half years ago I married my best friend.  We danced to our favorite song, "Always and Forever", by Heatwave.  To this day the lyrics still send shivers up my spine and bring tears to my eyes.  Valentine's Day could only be represented by the words that so completely express my love for him...always and forever. 

I love the finished mini.  I could have, and probably should have, done some FMQ in the center block, but I'm still a bit shakey with FMQ and this wasn't something I wanted to "practice on". 

I took my hanger downstairs to place it on top of my curio...only to discover that the "feet" of the hanger are too big for my corner curio.  No sweat.  I took off the feet, leaned the hanger up against the wall and put two clear, sticky "bumpers" onto the top of the curio, snugging them up against the bottom of the hanger to keep it from sliding. 

I'm thrilled with the way it turned out, and how cute it looks in my foyer.  I heard Dear Hubby in the kitchen so I called him to look at it.  He, too, loves it...but looked sad when I said I hoped to replace it with some leprechauns come March. 

Don't worry, Sweetheart.  The quilt may change, but my heart is yours...Always and Forever...


  1. Very cute Lin. What a great idea!

  2. Beautiful fabrics and it looks perfect on top of your cabinet!! Thanks for sharing.
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    1. Thank you, Connie! The many table runners and table toppers that you have made has inspired me to "decorate" my home with these "little" quilted treasures. I don't have the room to store tons of full size quilts, but storing fabric decorations should only take up a drawer or two in my china cabinet. Thanks for the inspiration!