Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thanks, Mom and Dad...

Yesterday my Dear Mom and Dear Dad came over to help me a tiny bit around the house.  Mom did some shredding for me (I swear my paperwork multiplies overnight!) and dad hung a clock in my ESR. 

Dear Hubby had bought this clock for his office at work, but he didn't end up using it.  He brought it home and I promptly confiscated it for my ESR.  The colors are perfect and I needed a clock in that room!   

The only thing that DID get completed by me yesterday was the pillowcase to cover the body pillow that Dear Hubby bought me for Christmas.  FINALLY I can use my new body pillow.  I've really missed sleeping with it (I threw out my old one already), but I couldn't get the pillowcase completed!  It was easy to sew...I used a flat sheet for the material... but I just couldn't get myself in front of the sewing machine to finish it up.  I slept with it last night and it was wonderful.  Having my body braced keeps me from hurting as much while I sleep.  Less movement equals less pain. 

Of course I woke up this morning feeling HORRIBLE.  I hurt all over, but especially along the costochondral junction of my chest and it even feels like my LUNGS hurt when I breathe!  I sure hope I'm not coming down with the cold Dear Hubby had last week.  I think most of today is going to be spent wrapped in a quilt watching TV...a "Pamper Me" day for sure.


  1. Nice one! A good clock. Get better soon.

  2. Thank you. It is nice having a clock in the room. I am still not feeling too well, but hopefully will start feeling better soon. At least I am not getting worse...a step in the right direction!