Friday, January 3, 2014


 JANUARY 3RD?  Already?  I honestly don't know where the holidays have gone.  I feel like I blinked and they went...woooosh....whizzing right by me!

Above is a photo of the pretty white stuff that fell overnight.  Pretty, but I could sure do without it.  I am not a "snow" all!  I tried to post this picture earlier this morning, but for some reason my camera and computer would not sink!  Frustrating, to say the least!  I finally decided to plug the camera cord into a different USB port and voila...success.  Sometimes I really think technology is not worth the least for someone as technologically challenged as myself. I am SERIOUSLY considering going back to a Daytimer type organizer for my scheduling and note-taking.  I am using the calendar on my Mac, but it is not as good as the calendar on my old MacBook and for some reason I can't get THIS Mac calendar to sink with my Galaxy Reader...which was purchased solely as a means for me to wirelessly sink with my main calendar so I would have my schedule with me at all times.  My calendar is far too important for me to have "tech" difficulties impacting its use.  Of course, if I would give in and pay the price for a IPhone with data plan I would avoid many, if not all, of these problems as Apple is made to sink with Apple!  My Galaxy Reader was a cheaper, stop-gap solution to avoid the monthly data fee, that is no longer working.  Probably some "update" on Apple's end that has thrown a monkey wrench into the whole thing.  Decisions, decisions.  I guess I will have to call my computer whiz son to come over and handle the list of "tech" problems I am currently having. 

This morning I have tried to be frugal and productive...two of my 2014 goals.  I packed my Dear Hubby's lunch and ate breakfast from the pantry/fridge.  I have leftovers for my lunch and dinner today so no additional money will be spent on feeding me.  Dear Hubby will probably not be home for dinner, but his will be provided by the no cost there either.  After breakfast I put away some small "after Christmas" purchases we for Dear Hubby (he didn't really need it as J bought him some for Christmas, but the price was unbelievable) and a set of seven shower gels for me.  We are now supplied for at least the next year, if not two.   I've sent away for a few freebies this morning.  They seem to be harder and harder to find.  One of my goals in 2014 is to take advantage of any and all freebies I can find, and to share them with my folks, aunt, J and K.  We can all use a little "help" making ends meet in this economy! 

This is one of my Christmas gifts from Dear Hubby.  Isn't she lovely?  My favorite shade of blue, too! I have transferred everything over from my old, beat-up handbag and have cut it up prior to throwing it into the trash.  "Cut it up?", you ask.  Yes!  I have finally realized that "findings" of all types do not have to be purchased new! I have been cutting off buttons from discarded clothing for years, but had never considered recycling any other doo-dads and such.  I can't begin to imagine the missed opportunities through the years!  Sad, really....sad!

So before I threw my away my old purse I cannibalized it!  I just love the "Brighton" look of these purse findings.  I know my mom will love them too, and if I ever find the "perfect" fabric I will make her a new handbag with these embellishments.  One of my goals for 2014 is to look at EVERYTHING with a more critical, "outside the box" eye.  I will have to ask my mom, dad and aunt to do the same and pass on to me, or return to me, anything that can be recycled or repurposed! 

So, with that in mind, I'm off to bury myself in my closet.  It's time to pull out the clothing items that I will never realistically wear.  If they are in good condition they will be sent off to the thrift store, with a receipt requested for taxes (frugal).  If not, they will be chopped up for salvaging of all good parts...buttons, zippers, material, embellishments, etc.  Shopping for future craft supplies in my current trash is definitely frugal.  Let the "Chop Shop" begin! 


  1. Great idea to salvage from unwanted items, i'll be doing the same this year

    1. I cannot believe I have never "Chop Shopped" before! So many wasted opportunities over the years, but no more...I am concentrating on out of the box from now on!

  2. I see purses at garage sales for next to nothing, now I am going to take a second look at them for the hardware. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. I have always chop shopped jeans, buttons, zippers and things of that nature. This year I started sweaters and other clothing items. Gives me extra fabric for small quilts or rugs. The sweaters I am thinking of using some of them to make some smart looking pillows for the basement.

    Never would I have thought about collecting the findings off of my purses before I got rid of them. Thanks for the great idea.

    God bless.