Saturday, March 1, 2014


Today is a "pamper me" day.  After Dear Hubby and I ran a few short errands I came home and snuggled down in my ESR (Expanded Sewing Room) under my electric throw.  The heat really helps the deep muscle aching and sitting or lying down is best for me when I have this level of exhaustion.  

While I was watching my favorite channel on TV, I pulled out my embroidery kit to do a little bit of stitching.  Isn't it amazing that my Button Embroidery Kit matches the rug?  A very happy coincidence!  My pain level is really bad today, as is my weakness...extreme today...but my tremor is not bad.  Go figure.  No rhyme nor reason, but I am happy for the chance to complete a few stitches!

I haven't worked on this little stitchery in AGES and it has gotten really wrinkled in my bag.  Plus I had used a hoop for the first part of stitching and accidentally left it on my fabric (OOPS!) , but I have discovered I am really much more comfortable stitching without the hoop!  I managed to finish up five of the broken heart lines today.  Progress!  It's always a good thing!

Dear Hubby is taking me out to dinner tonight.  I am really much too under the weather today to handle lifting pots and pans on and off of the stove.  I told Hubby to pick the place as even my taste buds are too exhausted right now to care what I eat.  Wonder what he will pick...


  1. Nice bright embroidery. Just the perfect pick me up for the winter blues.

    Hope you feel more like yourself tomorrow and have very little pain. Me, well the cold is playing havoc with my knees, hips and shoulders. Hope that as the weather improves they do as well.

    God bless.

    1. Jackie,
      I'm so sorry you are suffering with the cold! Our weather is supposed to be REALLY cold for the next few days and we are supposed to be getting buried with snow again tomorrow night into Monday. J's company has already cancelled on-site repair appointment slots on Monday and all of the employees will be working from home. Thankfully, it's a technology company and they can do most software repairs, updates, etc. remotely, so the company and employees will not lose a day of pay. Dear Hubby brought home his computer so he could work over the weekend, but also intends to work from home on Monday. Working 50 miles away from work makes getting there on bad snow days too dangerous and too long a commute. I hope you feel better with some warmer weather. Have you ever tried a heating blanket when your pain is bad. I have found it really makes a big difference on my BAD days. The pain doesn't go away, but the heat takes the "edge" off. Take care of yourself.