Wednesday, March 19, 2014


A while back I won a GORGEOUS set of Liberty charm squares.  After fiddling with my drawstring bag on Saturday, trying to find certain coupons and loyalty cards...which could only be done by dumping the whole bag of stuff on my lap (totally defeating the purpose)...I decided that what I really needed was a zippered pouch to hold all of my "errand stuff".  So I went to the Liberty charm pack and pulled out these beautiful grays and pinks.  Soft, feminine and Oh. So. Lovely!

After cutting the charms into 2.5" squares, I began assembling the front and back panels of my bag.

Here are the front and back panels ready for quilting prior to pouch assembly.  Gorgeous, aren't they?  I have to stop now as my head is splitting in half and my hands are shaking all over the place.  But, I'm really excited about how lovely this will be when it is all finished!  Hope I can get back to it soon!  In the meantime, I am going to head out to JoAnn's to pick up a spool of thread that I need for my aunt's quilt and then I will run to CVS to pick up two prescriptions.  Toodles....


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    1. Thank you, Amy! I just picked up a light pink zipper at the thrift store for $.24 and yesterday I bought a yard of very pretty white wider ribbon at a store that is going out of business...and I have a very light pink to weave into it, and I got that for 10 cents. This is a very frugal pouch, lol.

  2. It is going to look just beautiful.

    God bless.