Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I was on my own for dinner tonight and really didn't feel like cooking.  So, I simply ate a bowl of cereal.  Quick, yummy and filling...well for a little while anyway.  By 8:00 my stomach was reminding me that I had provided it with much less sustenance than usual.

I knew there was roast beef deli meat and cheese in the fridge but I didn't want something as heavy as a sandwich that late at night.  I decided to improvise!  I pulled out a slice of beef, topped it with a slice of american cheese positioned down near one end, added a small squirt of horseradish sauce and rolled it up jelly-roll style.  I repeated the process.  When the two slices of beef and cheese were all rolled up, I sliced them in half.  Hmmm...should I eat them plain?  Nope.  They needed some crunch!  I opened the pantry door and pulled out a box of salt free "saltines".  The grocery store had accidentally sent the "salt free" variety, and there was little to no chance they would get eaten prior to going stale.  They were just too bland.  Why would you remove the salt from "Saltines"?  Hopefully my meat and cheese would give them a little zip.  Anyway, I plopped a round of beef and cheese on top of each of four crackers and called it "done". 

One bite of these yummy little snacks convinced me that the remaining three crackers needed to star on my blog.  Oh my, these are SO good!  Quite a successful "refrigerator scrounge", if I must say so myself!


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