Thursday, March 31, 2016


The french doors have been installed at the entrance to my new sewing room.  They have been primed by the supplier, but still need a coat or two of glossy white.  This weekend I will pick up a quart of paint and spend a few minutes each day working on "finish" painting.  

Many moons ago I purchased this black and white panel.  After retirement, quilting truly did become my therapy!  Following years of working 12 hour days, I needed something to save my sanity and quilting was the solution.  This piece would make a great "welcome" quilt at the entrance to my sewing room!

I decided to use Prismacolor pencils to fill in portions of the fabric.  I didn't want to color in the entire piece as I felt it would be "too" colorful and busy!  Sometimes less is more.  After I had added just the right amount of color I placed the design face down on top of a paper towel covering my ironing board.  I pressed it with dry heat from the back to "heat set" the colors.  Now how to connect the saying strip to the main body of the picture?

Several years back I had designed a fabric at Spoonflower.  It was a series of colored pencils lined up and then photographed as a closeup.  All of those pencils would be wonderfully bright and colorful as a dividing strip...and the fact that the design had been colored with pencils?...PERFECT!  I found the sample and cut 1" strips, which I then sewed end to end making a strip of fabric long enough to fill the gap between the picture and saying below.  I'm lovin' it!

While moving my sewing room I found a piece of prequilted fabric.  I almost included it in my  Freecycle giveaways, but something stopped me.  Now I know why I hesitated!  This super thin batting and backing all in one was just what I needed!  Once I have finished a small amount of quilting, I will decide if the piece will be bound into a mini quilt to hang on my door, or placed into a frame to hang above the entry.  Either way it is the perfect WELCOME to my room.  

I sure do look happy sewing away, don't I?


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