Tuesday, March 8, 2016


The main storage unit in my sewing room is finally finished...well almost ;).  This past weekend J and his dear girlfriend built the third cabinet.  I spent Sunday night and Monday filling the final section.  I love the look of this unit...so clean and "cottage" looking.  I hung one of my favorite handmade decorations on the door, a prize I won on Elefantz.com a year or so ago.  The little birdie applique and hand stitchery is just SO cute!

This is the inside of the first and second unit.  It is considered "done", except that I may buy a few more clear shoe boxes to wrangle the items on the center shelf on the right.  Also, the top section on the left could use another shelf so that the slightly larger box "sits" properly.  Since both of these are "cosmetic" items I may not spend the money.  But the perfectionist in me would sure like to see it done, LOL.

This is the right hand unit that was just built this weekend.  I need to ask J to move the shelf all the way up so that I can continue to stack the boxes for easy access.  The shelf brackets are actually screwed in place...and even with a step stool it would be hard for me to manage.  I really don't want to fall off of the step stool and break something when I am just getting my sewing room back together enough to be able to sew! 

The rolling cart next to the cabinet has served many purposes in our home over the years.  It was originally purchased as an extra work surface in our kitchen.  In my old sewing room it was where I stood to use my Sizzix.  However, whenever my Dear Hubby looks at it...all he sees is a kitchen cart, and he thinks it looks "off" in a sewing room.  I told him that at some point I will try to find another home for the stuff in the cart.  But not now.  Eventually I may do away with it, but until I come up with another storage unit it will stay!  I have an idea what storage units I still want to purchase to house all of the items still in my old sewing room closet, but I will work with the current layout to make sure my ideas on paper will work in reality. 

So far I'm lovin it!



  1. Looking good. You will be busy creating very soon.

    God bless.

  2. This cabinet is fabulous. I'd love to have someone build one for me - maybe someday that will happen. =) Love the kitchen cart, and I'd NEVER get rid of it! It's so useful!